Our Silk Fabrics

Real 100% Silk Satin 85gsm 

  • Print: 1.37m
  • Weight: 85gsm
  • Roll Width: 1.39m
  • 100% silk

Care instruction

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

Personalise Silk Satin Fabric

Our digital silk printing, UK made, is one of the best ways to print, it’s so gorgeous, results speak for themselves. Order a fabric sample or swatch pack before ordering to truly understand how colours are reproduced on our natural silk satin.

surface 249705 - Silk

Surface textures

Notice how ersonalise silk satin fabric has a smooth, sleek, graceful front texture with a glossy shine to the finish of the lustrous face. In contrast, the back texture is just as smooth and soft and flowing but with a crepe finish to it, which actually changes the texture a lot, but still keeps the overall feel soft and fluid. The way this fabric feels on the body is so effortless that it almost feels weightless, it’s very soft and moves over the skin very easily. When it comes to the drape, the material flows and falls in natural waves and folds.

print 249704 - Silk

Print detail

Being a 100% natural fabric, no chemicals have been used on the fibres of the fabric. With a shiny finish on the face and a matt on the reverse, the detail of the final print is very fine and produces very crisp lines with rich block colours. Precision is clear here, intricate work will show up perfectly. Personalise silk satin fabric with a stunning luminosity, which you can only get with natural fabrics. Our silk printing, UK made, is printed on one side, and whilst there is complete show through on the Georgette silk, this Silk Satin has limited show through (20%) and in essence, one side looks unprinted. Due to the print process areas of solid colour may show slight marbling lines. This is to be expected and we would advise avoiding large blocks of colour and favouring more intricate designs.

default usage 31206 - Silk


This high quality silk has so many uses that it’s tough to choose. Personalise silk satin fabric and add your designs to silk scarfs, wraps, silk ties, luxury garments, lingerie, dresses, and accessories. Your designs come to life on the highest grade silk with the greatest vibrancy of colour. We have lent our services to film and theatre productions, for scene or dressmaking, especially period work. Interior designers also use our digitally printed silk product for specific requirements in fine detailing and luxury finishes.

Frequently asked questions on Real 100% Silk Satin 85gsm :

What is the difference between the Silk Satin and the Silk Sensation?

The Silk Satin, is a 100% natural silk, that we print here in our studios. We have a range of naturals but this is by far the most popular and sought after. The Silk Sensation is almost identical in appearance, but it is a poly-based version.

Can I get my silk hemmed?

Yes, you can select hemming under the product options. Make sure to add some hemming allowance to your customised measurements. Please see the print guideline above for more information.

Is this silk suitable for clothes?

There is no question here, the silk is perfect for clothing, both sides are soft and it’s so light it’s ideal for summer wear. We see a lot of the silk being used to make scarves, so we add a hemming option just to be thorough.

Real 100% Silk Twill 

  • Print: 1.36m
  • Weight: 54gsm
  • Roll Width: 1.38m
  • 100% silk

Care instruction

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

Silk Twill Fabric UK

We are suppliers of the highest quality custom printed twilled silk fabric. This elegant and stylish printed silk twill fabric is a dream to print on and will make your designs look crisp, fresh, and full of life. 

surface 237491 - Silk

Surface textures

The front texture of this silk twill fabric, UK made, is smooth and soft. The twill weave on this custom printed twilled silk fabric is very fine and can be felt when running your fingers slowly over the face of the material. It is a thin and light fabric, which has a beautiful drape. The taut nature gives this silk a slightly solid finish, and the natural silk fibres gives the face a gentle lustre. The back has quite a lot of see-through and is more matt than the front. However, both sides are wonderfully soft, which makes it a joy to wear.

print 237490 - Silk

Print detail

This graceful silk twill fabric UK made, 100% natural, created from real silk fibres into a woven twill textile. The detail on the slightly lustrous face is very fine, with small details printed with perfect precision. Lines are defined and colours are rich. The base colour is a slightly warm white, which is ideal for bold colours. Intricate work will show up clearly on your custom printed twilled silk fabric and the natural sheen will help lift them off of the face of the fabric. With a taut weave, your printed silk twill fabric designs will remain crisp and clear at all times. Due to the print process large areas of solid colour may show slight marbling lines. This is to be expected and we would advise avoiding large solid blocks of colour if possible.

default usage 31206 - Silk


Silk is such a joy to wear, use and craft with. There are so many different uses for real silk, and this custom printed silk twill fabric is no exception. Upload your designs onto this silk, and enjoy turning it into printed silk twill fabric with anything from real silk scarves and ties, to elegant lingerie and dresses, or other luxurious garments. It is also a lovely fabric for upholstery and cushion making. The high quality print, and super soft silk will help your designs get elevated to the next level.

Frequently asked questions on Real 100% Silk Twill 54gsm :

Is this silk easy to care for?

It is very easy to keep your silk twill fabric looking and feeling its best. Our specialist printing methods ensure a vibrant and permanent print. However, to keep it looking fantastic, we recommend either dry cleaning your silk, or hand-washing it very gently in cold water with non-bio detergent.

What is a twill weave fabric?

Twill is a type of weave. With this fabric, silk is the fibre used in the construction, and twill is the style of weave. Twill can be identified by its diagonal lines. The weave has a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs, which is achieved by passing the weft thread over one or more warps threads, then under 2 or more warps threads, and so on.

What sort of projects can I use this silk for?

Silk is such a versatile and lovely fabric to work with. Thanks to its soft and luxurious handle, it makes it a pleasure to wear. This silk twill is ideal for a variety of end uses. We love using it to make items such as pocket square, handkerchiefs real silk scarves, and even as a sumptuous lining for clothing, handbags and luggage.

Real 100% Silk Georgette 50gsm

  • Print: 1.34m
  • Weight: 50gsm
  • Roll Width: 1.36m
  • 100% silk

Care instruction

Dry clean only recommended, can be hand washed in cold water with silk detergent.

Printing on Silk Georgette Fabric

We have been digital printing on silk fabric in London for years, supplying you with your own customised prints, and the Georgette is one of our favourites. Create your own design of silk Georgette fabric online and watch it turn into your own size scarves and wraps, luxury garments, lingerie, dresses, and accessories. We are experts at making your designs come to life on the highest grade silk and our specialist printing techniques ensure strong and long-lasting colours. With Silk Georgette fabric you should expect a fabric shrinkage of approximately 6% on the weft, and 10% on the warp. 

surface 248479 - Silk

Surface textures

Digital printing on silk fabric will have a distinctive crepe-like texture throughout which is initially slightly subdued, however this gives the fabric a more supported, flowing, almost bouncy personality, giving it a lovely soft handle. With a thin body, there is a light airy feel to the material which leaves the edges slightly wavy sometimes.

print 248478 - Silk

Print detail

The custom silk fabric, is natural and provides a higher quality base for printing on. The transparent fabric has a subtle off white base tone. With a matt finish, the print comes out rich and intense. When you create your design on silk georgette fabric online, the print from the top face will be clearly visible on the reverse face as the material is transparent. Due to the print process large areas of solid colour may show minor blemishes or discolouration. This is to be expected and we would advise avoiding large solid blocks of colour if possible.


Digital printing on silk fabric is used by fashion designers, dressmakers and tailors for a wide range of creative and unique ideas particularly scarves. Couture designers, tailors, bridal and lingerie makers use our custom printed silk. Occasionally film and theatre productions use our services for scene or dressmaking. Interior designers also use our product for specific requirements in fine detailing and luxury finishes. Silk wedding dresses are also a popular choice when using this delicate fabric.

Frequently asked questions on Real 100% Silk Georgette 50gsm:

What is Silk Georgette like?

The silk is a sheer fabric, that is smooth to the touch and has a flowing drape. Perfect for scarfs, upload your design and create your own.

Is there a small run option on the Silk Georgette?

Silk Georgette like all our other textiles options, has an option for test prints, small samples of the fabric in varying sizes. when you would like to place an order, you choose the size.

How is it different from the Silk Crepe Satin?

The Georgette is the thinner weighing 50gsm, the crepe satin, is not sheer at all, it’s opaque, with a lustrous sheen across the body of the material.

Silk Sensation (poly) 90gsm

  • Print: 1.43m
  • Weight: 90gsm
  • Roll Width: 1.45m
  • 97% polyester 3% elastane

Care instruction

Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

Printing on Silk Sensation Fabric

Suppliers of digital printing on Silk Sensation fabric. Top quality printing on silk fabric by London based fabric printing company.  surface 29853 - Silk

Surface textures

The Front texture of our silk sensation fabric is, smooth, having more substance to its feel than its thinner stiffer counterpart: the silk impression. It has a clean solid structure whose stretchy quality makes it a lively fabric to work with. The Back texture has more of a matt finish and has a subtler version of the front face qualities. The feel on the body varies depending on which face is being used. If the shiny face is outward, then it is smooth, neutral slightly stiff texture on the skin. If the softer, shiny face is in contact with skin, it is cool, lightweight and soft to the touch. When printing on silk fabric the drape is subtle, characterised by a combination of graceful curves and rolling falls in the fabric.

print 29852 - Silk

Print detail

On our silk sensation fabric the front face is shiny, with a glowing sheen spreading across the entirety of the face. The back finish is more matt. The base colour of the fabric is slightly off white, edging towards a very pale cream. In regards to Colour intensity, there is a balance of nice bright colours bouncing off of the base tones of the fabric, however a slightly lower contrast compared to the 100% silk crepe satin. The detail of printing on silk fabric is fine, precise and intricate work that shows up perfectly. The movement and folds of the silk sensation reflects light, and catches attention easily.


This versatile custom made Silk Sensation fabric, retains its shape well. Printing on silk fabric would be ideal for interior furnishings, such as pillows, drapes, fashion accessories such as scarves and embellishments and also clothing and bag interior linings etc. If the fabric is left folded or scrunched then it will crease so either hang or store flat to stay in top condition.

Frequently asked questions on Silk Sensation (poly) 90gsm:

What are the differences between “Silk Sensation” and the “Silk Geoergette”?

The Silk Sensation is a solid creamy colour in comparison to the Georgette, which has a thinner base and is much more transparent. The Sensation is heavier too. There are quite a lot of differences between the two, you might be better off ordering the swatch pack to see for yourself.

Is this the heaviest silk that you supply?

The Silk Sensation is our heaviest Silk, it is a Poly-based silk, but the Silk Satin is only 10 gsm lighter if you’d like natural silks instead.

Can I print on both sides?

We only print on one side of the fabric, and it is on the satin faced side, The prints show through the fabric due to the depth of colour penetration when printing, so printing on both sides wouldn’t be the best idea, consider adding a lining instead?

Silk Impression (poly) 80gsm

  • Print: 1.4m
  • Weight: 80gsm
  • Roll Width: 1.42m
  • 100% polyester

Care instruction

Wash at 30°c, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

Printing on Silk Impression Fabric

Our custom made Silk Impression fabric is very close the Silk Satin, give them a try and enjoy the beautiful result of this printed silk material.surface 29851 - Silk






Surface textures

The front and back textures of the silk impression fabric are the same, being smooth, silky and cool to the touch. The feel to the body is effortlessly comfortable, it’s so light that one barely notices it passing over the skin. It’s so soft and silky it has a very gentle touch. Our printed silk material allows a fragile flowing drape that slides over the hands and body very easily, it’s a very desirable material to work with. If the fabric allows room to move in, then it’s very breathable, if it’s worn skin tight then the closed weave provides a locked in heat which makes the material very temperate. Despite being quite stiff it is also very soft and smooth.

print 29850 - Silk

Print detail

The base colour of the silk impression fabric is a glistening white. The material has a semi-transparent quality, also giving the fabric a shining finish to the surface. When it comes to colour intensity, printed silk material provides a bright contrast, strong against the bright white, the colours become ever so slightly faded due to the semi-translucent nature of the material. The detail of the final print delivers very crisp precise detail work. Lines and intricacies show up very well within the fabric printing. With the intense shine given off by the finish, light catches the material easily and reflects light beautifully.


The many diverse qualities of silk impression fabric make it ideal for quilting, clothing embellishments, and especially clothing and bag linings.

Frequently asked questions on Silk Impression (poly) 80gsm: What is the difference between silk Impression and Silk Sensation?

Silk Impression has a crisp white base whereas the sensation is a slightly off white cream tone and firmer handle. The Impression has a shimmer to the fabric surface, giving the fabric a glittery appearance, softer and more drape.

Is this a suitable material for curtains or interior furnishings?

This fabric is mainly used in fashion, accessories, scarves, bag linings etc. It could be used for interior furnishings or curtains, but bear in mind it’s a very light material so it might need to be accompanied by something else.

Can I print block colours on this fabric?

This material with it’s plain weave, perfectly distributes the inks and the prints come out beautifully, feel safe printing large areas of colour they look fantastic.